Welcome to Max's Archives. I created this website to display all of the programs that I have made in the past. For your added enjoyment, you can also download all of the applications that I made. Some projects have links to their own sites. If you have any questions please contact me at: maxsh@earthlink.net. Without further ado, here are the applications/games:


Spell Duel- you take on the role of a wizard as you cast your way through a multitude of creatures.


MageDuel- 2 to 12 players. An epic strategy wizard casting game. Exceptional game play. Addicting fun.


Alarm2004 - an annoying little app, that plays sounds at various times of the day. 


VIRUS- This is not really a virus. It is more like an annoying little prank. 


FighterDuel- Phenomenal game. This game was made using The Games Factory. This is a platform fighting game that I made to mimic an old DOS game called Marshmallow Duel


Virus Game- This is an actual action strategy game for 2-5 people. Fun and interesting.


Physics - My little AP physics project. Simply put, it simulates 2d collisions of perfectly elastic spheres.


Patterns- This creates beautiful geometric color patterns using a rule system. 


MangoFly- This game consists of killing annoying flies that try to eat the mango. Hard as hell.


WordQuizzer- This program makes memorizing words easy. I made it to help me with SAT words.


Alarm (the original)- This is one of my first apps. A slider controls the amount of time before the alarm goes off.


Sniper- A game in which you must find and snipe the killers. Harder than it sounds.


Key- nifty for figuring out which key you are pressing.


Network Hacker- This game pits you against challengers in a hacking contest. This is basically the best hacking game I made.


Shoot- the very first graphical game I made using Delphi. 


Blobs- This is a little nifty simulation of blob life. Watch them grow, split, and get eaten.


Terminus- This is a "hacking" game in which you have to race against time to get out of a military compound by hacking the doors open. This comes with an editor, but I don't remember how everything works. Try it anyways.


ProHack- This is a very awesome hacking simulation. It is simply sweet. You have to check it out.


Have a great day!




Last updated: 05/14/2004